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Last night [19 November 2011] I had an idea to record a christmas charity single through Twitter - using contacts, singers etc from our Twitter streams. The idea has taken legs and at 11.15am on Sunday morning we have a stylist, a studio, a videographer, a PR person, some TV presenters and personalities and a very willing and wonderful group of people or tweeps from Twitter to do the singing and organising. The list is growing all the time but so far this is who we have:
  1. @brendadrumm
  2. @juneshannon
  3. @carnsoreboxer
  4. @am_flynn
  5. @jennyfoxe
  6. @derekf03
  7. @funkygoddessirl
  8. @irlguide
  9. @maryroche
  10. @avineoconnor
  11. @legaleaglestar
  12. @niamhybe
  13. @clearer_skies
  14. @Lou_McCartney [whom I hope can sing like Paul McCartney]
  15. @TrichDee
  16. @MacAnBhaird
  17. @Enda_Lee
  18. @cathalkeogh
  19. @reclaimthevoice
  20. @NABCIrl
  21. @SpNeedsParents
  22. @JFTAXI
  23. @olda3
  24. @MissBLT
  25. @bsweetmanmorris
  26. @thebedsite
  27. @CKennedyPr
  28. @embergreen
  29. @jewelw
  30. @jojowalsh [A tenor]
  31. @sineaddesmond [TV3]
  32. @berminghamlaura [stylist, TV presenter and just wow]
  33. @markrock [@Audioboo]
  34. @juniperjools
  35. @barbarascully
  36. @markpower1978
  37. @sineadk
  38. @andrewmmadden 
  39. @jezzie7
  40. @bourgeoisieout
  41. @doalty
  42. Sheena Darcy
  43. Ian Callanan
  44. Anna Keegan
  45. Carmel Murphy
  46. Emma Tobin
  47. @hotcrossmum 
  48. @sarasnelling 
  49. @janetravers 
  50. @firflopireland 
  51. @foxeinsocks 
  52. @crowleyniamh 
  53. @tangentfairy
  54. @davidod
  55. @handforged
  56. @deebpress
  57. @Mariondublin
  58. @phil_garland
  59. @darrtanian
  60. @sineadkeogh
  61. JohnCoughlan
  62. @barbaraedwards1
  63. @ailishlynch
  64. @delilah_cat
  65. @debbie_odonnell [Xpose]
  66. @chrismallingart
  67. @marketmusic
  68. @johnivory
  69. @hollyfrodo 
  70. @reclaimthevoice 
  71. @RPDLTD
  72. @tina_browne
  73. @1LouiseKennedy [the fab designer]
  74. @soniaharrisPR
  75. @ciara1975 
  76. @EleanorFitz
  77. @JenJenRiordan
  78. @heatherbetsy
  79. @grmoneill
  80. @clearerskies
  81. @mauradonohoe
  82. @sharonshambles
  83. David O'Connor [singer]
  84. @jilliangodsil 
  85. @susancondon
  86. @cagssoc
  87. CelineGarvey [KFM Arts Show]
  88. @colettecaddle [Writer]
  89. @umnumnum_cork
  90. @dcbedwards
  91. @nessymon
  92. @maeve_10
  93. @curtainqueen
  94. @designdiva_
  95. @MDRN1
  96. @bingobaa
  97. @pdrgmrdt
  98. @liam_coburn 
  99. @mduffywriter 
  100. @DiamondsIRL [our 100th person to offer help] 
  101. @greenclouds4
  102. @sheenadarcy
  103. @ocarrollconsult
  104. @tsjohnsmyth
  105. Moira Murphy [Brown Thomas]
  106. Aisling Larkin [Brown Thomas]
  107. Louis Walsh [yes the real one]
  108. @aideenblackwood
  109. @xcelbusiness
  110. @regs33
  111. @alisonwells
  112. @ciaramcduffman
  113. @karenmaleady
  114. @crosscare1
  115. @simonrprepublic
  116. @carolewhelan
  117. @maeveos
  118. @rLombardvance
  119. @MaudMonaghan
  120. @paddystarbucks
  121. @noelcuddy
  122. @tomhappens
  123. @mar1em
  124. @missyu
  125. @stormie869
  126. @stresskills
  127. @eileen27
  128. @carolinesimons
  129. @balcourier10
  130. @chahoward
  131. @LA_Make_Up
  132. @ZoeClarkeMakeUp
  133. @bngr
  134. @katymcguinness
  135. @ultrasoundbite
  136. @wicklowmusdrama
  137. @piperhawk
  138. @MyOMark
  139. @Caz_Collins
  140. The Westin Hotel  {YAHOO WE ARE AT 140 characters - just like Twitter!]
  141. @curlybubble
  142. Pembroke Communications
  143. @jilliangodsil
We have loads more names to add and we will do it asap! The list keeps growing.

There were so many amazing charities mentioned and they are all very deserving causes. Cancer is one that is very close to my heart because I have been living with it since 2007 - just about to hit the five year's diagnosed mark on 10 Jan 2012. We also had mental health and homelessness mentioned and women's refuge and so many other fantastic charities.

As of this afternoon Sunday 20 November, the majority of votes coming in have been for the charity single to benefit premature babies here in Ireland. Christmas is all about children and our single and the cause would see to be a match made in heaven. We will have exact details shortly about the charity so keep in touch.

This time yesterday I had not even thought of the idea and now this afternoon we have a group of 61 people who are involved and this is growing all the time, we have a song [details shortly], we have someone whi has arranged the song and we have set Sunday next 27 November as the date to record.

There is lots that we need help with. We need iTunes to get on board and make sure all the money goes to the charity, we need a few professional singers, we need studio space and a photographer and just lots lots more. Anyone interested?

Then join the conversation on Twitter at #twitterxmassingle

We have announced the charity which is to benefit and it is an amazing cause the Neo Natal Unit at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street Hospital. The unit is best known as "Unit 8" by parents whose babies have needed special care there

What better time of year to focus on's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and like the #twitterxmassingle which is so appropriate when you listen to the lyrics......

It's all happening on Twitter so come and get us trending and join in.

UPDATE: Monday 21 November - We are recording at 1pm on Sunday next 27 November. We are finalising the venue at the moment. Anyone who wants to support us, sing, make tea, take names, promote it, video it, interview us, make a music video - please follow the hashtag #twitterxmassingle on Twitter or leave your email here in a comment. Venue will be Dublin city but just finalising logistics and will announce soon.

UPDATE Wednesday 23 November: We have the venue since yesterday. The 5 star Westin Hotel on Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2. The Banking Hall is the space we have been given. Thanks to the team there for being so accommodating and amazing. 

UPDATE: Check out our interviews on Morning Ireland home page - keep spreading the word.

More news coming tweet by tweet. Keep in touch #twitterxmassingle 


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