Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tweeps who came to the Westin for the recording 27 Nov 2011

This is a list in the order of people arriving to the Westin Hotel, Dublin for the recording of the #twitterxmassingle:

Bob Cullen
Fiona Balfe
Robert Heaven
Christopher Edwards
Ciara Cullen
Saoirse Sparkes [can't read Twitter ID - DM to correct]
Diane Magee [dm Twitter id please]
John [Holles Street]
Cora Clarke
Susan McInerney
Dean Leacy
Moira Murphy
Dr Rhona Mahony {Holles Street}
Maura Donohoe
Cathy Allen
Alex Seery Peter Mark
Jillian Godsil
Bill Hughes
Debbie O'Donnell
Nicole Bermingham
Tony Breen

If there are some we have missed please let us know but these are all the people who signed in on Sunday 27 November.



  1. Carmel fitzpatrick was there also, (from @jftaxi).

  2. Hi Brenda, just a typo on Twitter name. Should be @Deirdre_Mac