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Twitter Xmas Single Part Deux #txs2

So what about a  ? Christmas number 1? Who is in?  "Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum ...." RT [Tweeted on Saturday 20 October]

So the tweet has been tweeted and we have @ICallanan on board as musical director and @ckennedyPR on board as PR and overnight we have 39 people signed up to take part in the choir and/or as soloists. 

So TwitterXmasSingle2 or #TXS2 to use the hashtag we have created is officially ON!

For those who were not involved last year this is what happened:


  • TwitterXmasSingle came about following a tweet by @BrendaDrumm on 19 November 2011. The song Winter Song was chosen on Twitter and the charity to benefit was Unit 8 Neonatal Unit in Holles Street in Dublin
  • We had 140+ characters involved in the recording  of the song
  • Winter Song was recorded in the Westin Hotel in Dublin on 27 November 2011
  • The song and video were launched on Sunday 4 December
  • Winter Song/#twitterxmassingle went to number 1 on iTunes on Sunday 4 December and stayed there for several days beating Rhianna and others
  • The bookies had us tipped to be number 1 for Christmas
  • When the official IRMA charts came out the week after the launch we entered the charts as a new entry at number 8 – we made it to the top ten.
  • We made a short documentary about the making of the #twitterxmassingle which has had over 1,200 views on YouTube
  • The official video has had over 4,500 views on YouTube
  • The writers of the song Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson loved what we did and tweeted @brendadrumm and @icallanan about the song.
  • Media outlets which covered the story: TV3 News, Xpose, Ireland AM and Morning Show. RTE: John Murray Show, Morning Ireland, RTE TV 9pm News and 2FM. Today FM, Newstalk News and the Global Village. Spirit Radio. East Coast FM. KFM. Dublin City FM. Irish Independent. Daily Mail. RSVP. Woman’s Way. Anglo Celt. Kildare Post, Leinster Leader and Kildare Nationalist. Classic Hits 4FM. BBC Radio Ulster. U105 Radio. and so many blogs about it we lost count. Also Hot Press Magazine. Radio Snowflake.
  • We raised money and a lot of awareness for Unit 8 in Holles Street but #twitterxmassingle was about  the goodwill and generosity of so many people, it was about giving the hardworking staff in Holles Street a much needed lift. It was about giving the parents of premature babies a sign to say that people are thinking about you and what you are going through. It was ultimately about the real meaning of Christmas. It was unique.

So we decided this year, why not do it again? Thanks to the wonderful support of so many people in the last twelve hours, we are doing it again and we would like as many people as possible on board.

Here is what we need:
  1. Venue for recording the song - needs to be as soundproof as possible from the outside world 
  2. Venue for the launch: would need to have good capacity and screen to show video etc [we are now sorted for this and will have details shortly] 
  3. Media outlets to get involved to tell people what we are doing [this can happen later] 
  4. Musicians with experience
  5. A designer to design a new CD image for us and other little designs as well
  6. Singers for the choir
  7. Soloists
  8. Studio time
  9. A sponsor to fund the cost of producing CDs this year [about €6,000]
  10. Engineers to assist with the recording and to man the desk while @icallanan gets us into shape for singing 
  11. Someone to design and produce some banners or visuals for use on the day of the recording and for the launch 
  12. Anyone who could supply Santa hats for at least 100 people
  13. Anyone who could design and produce some Twitter props for us 
  14. A videographer to make a video to go with the song which would need to be recorded on 11 November and maybe one or two other studio sessions and ready to be viewed online on Sunday 9 December

We have a charity in mind which is very deserving and it is a cause which affects so many people here in Ireland. We will let you have details as soon as we get a nod from them that they want to come on board.

The song is an original song which is currently being signed off on and we will let you have details on that as soon as possible. I am already going around singing so that can't be a bad thing. 

We are hoping to record the choir on Sunday 11 November so please save that date if you are interested in taking part. This year everyone needs to opt in to the recording and launch as we are not adding any names automatically - if you want to take part you have to tweet us to let us know and we will add you to the list on Twitter. 

Our email is 
We are on Facebook at Twitter Xmas Single 
The blog is here at

If you are a musician who would like to help us to record the track then please email us with a link to where we can hear your work. We will have a very quick turnaround on this so musicians need to have experience.

We would love to have as many people from last year involved, if you can, but there were so many people who could not get involved last year and we look forward to your involvement this year. 

That's all for the moment. If you can help with any of the above, please tweet @BrendaDrumm or email

TwitterXmasSingle was one of the best experiences ever - ask anyone who was involved. We made memories to last a lifetime and made lots of new friends on the way. 

Watch the video of the making of #twitterxmassingle

Watch the video to go with the song at

Join in for #tx2

Brenda Drumm

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