Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A bit about Sunday

Just to update you about Sunday.

We are recording from 1pm in the Westin Hotel, Dublin. To give the hotel a chance to get organised please do not arrive any earlier than 12 noon - the day is going to be a long one!

Tea and coffee will be provided by the wonderful folks at the Westin Hotel but please bring a bottle of water as there will be a lot of singing!

If you could wear something Christmassy and bring something for your head - a woolly hat, a Santa hat, reindeer ears ...... you get the picture.

Because we are recording in the banking hall in the hotel, we will not have a studio or a soundproof area so once we start the recording it will limit us a little bit in terms of having an area for chatting or for children to play. We simply do not have the space! We will also be recording a video on the day so we will need to clear areas to set up some shots etc.  I suppose we are looking at the Westin as a recording studio on Sunday and we want to get the choir section done and dusted as soon as we can so as we can let you all home.

Once the choir part has been recorded we will audition singers for the solo parts. We will make a decision based on the voice best suited to the track and the voices which work best together in harmony. It is not about picking one voice over another because one is better - it will all be based on the voices and how well they suit the track.

We have arranged for a sign in upon arrival so please leave your name, twittername and contact phone number. We will have some very cool teenagers on the sign in so be nice!

If anyone has any last minute questions please tweet @brendadrumm using #txs2

We are really looking forward to Sunday and Ian and I really hope that you like the song.


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