Monday, November 5, 2012

TXS 2 - what we still need tweeps

Okay so by now you probably know that we are doing a Twitter Xmas Single 2, right? Okay good.

We are announcing the venue and times later on today so stand by.

There are still some things we need help with:

  1. A graphic designer to design the cover for the single for iTunes and other online stores and to the design for the CD insert
  2. On the subject on CDs we will only be able to produce CDs if we get sponsorship so any person out there who might be able to sponsor the CDs, we would love to hear from you twitterxmassingle <at>
  3. Banners and visuals for use in the venue - anyone who can put together a couple of pull-up banners and a backdrop of Christmassy stuff and the words Twitter Xmas Single 2 and the hashtag #txs2
  4. If anyone would like to do props like the delightful ones we had last year of twitter birds etc, then that would be
  5. We might still have some musical slots to be filled but we will update this later.
  6. Press photographers would be particularly welcome to the recording on Sunday 11th November. 
  7. We will have more information about other photographers once we have the venue confirmed. [Just to clarify this - amateur photographers are welcome of course. Up to a couple of days ago we thought we would be in a recording studio and space was very very limited for photographers. In trying to manage expectations, we asked  non press photographers to bear with us until we had more information. We now have the venue confirmed and space is NOT an issue so 'amateur' photographers are welcome but as with everyone taking part on the day, they will have to register with @brendadrumm using the hashtag #txs2. Hope this is now very very clear!]
Updated: 5 November 2012 

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